Beauty Center Software

A fully optimised cloud-based solution which provides Spa, Beauty Center Managers & Salon oweners all required information & data to run thier business easily & smoothly, it includes ( Customers profile, Customers appointments, Daily Sales, Products sales, Inventory), it also cover , customers payments (cash, credit card, bank transfer), VAT& all related operations.

FawaterPro - Salon Designed to meet the demands of the Beauty Centers management system, it works in both arabic & english languages, it's quick and easy to set up and is fully functional within a few minutes. FawaterPro - Salon is not just a piece of software, it is a business choice. it provides a first-class Comprehensive Management System that offers automation of complete Salon operations.

Software Features

All our Point of Sales (POS) - cloud base software are shared with many features that cover all business needs & requirements, so noting to worry about, No Cost for programming, No Cost for IT infrastucte & servers No Cost for Maintenance & Support, features as follow:

Resposive Design

Applications built-up to fit all screen sizes, so either you want access from mobile, or from computer, you will get what you want.

Online Software

Software are working from anywhere you are, No limitations to manage your business either if you are home or abroad.

Users Permissions

Its your descion to allow any employees to access platform and limit access to a certin screen or functoion.


Our platform are suppoting both English & arabic languages, it mean it will not depend on employees skills any more.

SMS through whatsapp

Software will solve all communications with customers for reminder issues using whatsapp platform which is free of charge.

Appointment system

Professional Booking system, user friendly, with clear table timeline, to cover all scheduled resources.

Sales/VAT Calculations

Get VAT Ready POS accounting software for reatail businesses, our apps help you to make invoices with VAT calculations.

Survey System

Find out what customers are saying about your business. and read thier feedback & complains so accordinly do enhancement.

Daily Reports

You will be notified daily with reports to your inbox to keep you aware of business status, sales, payments & appointments.

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